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Bull Shark caught in Key WestOur Shallow water monsters charter is very exciting. We take you on a trip that offers many dimensions of fishing scaling you up the food chain right to the second to the last step. Sharks! Here you will see how these animals gained their reputation as veracious feeders and mean temperament. Once the dinner bell has rang these fish are all about eating. Be careful don't fall in.

We have charters departing daily from Key West for 4, 6, and 8 hours. You will learn about baiting and rigging as well as habitat and feeding patterns of different species of sharks found out of Key West Florida. Most of our fishing is done in less than 5 feet of water so sight fishing is a very cool element we bring to shark fishing.

The sharks we fish for generally weigh from 80 - 400 lbs. with larger catches recorded here at Dream Catchers. We use Spin fishing gear, fly fishing Gear and stand up heavy tackle depending on the situation. You can be assured, no matter your size and experience you can catch a shark we make it happen.

Bull Sharks - Lemon Sharks - Black Tip Sharks
American Sharp nose Sharks
Sand Sharks - Hammerhead Sharks - Tiger Sharks

We generally start you off by catching some bait. We use Jacks, Bluefish, Smaller Barracudas, and Lady Fish. All of these fish are fun and easy to catch on light tackle. We then use them for bait. Posting up on the side of the channel in the backcountry we start the blood trail of chum and fish pieces to bring in the sharks. As the Sharks approach the boat you will be instructed how to cast for and catch them. Hold on tight, these fish really peal off the line as you sink the hook in their jaws. Most sharks take longer than 20 minutes to bring boat side where we then remove the hook. We are sensitive to the needs of your photo collections and here is where the guide will safely allow you to get your photo.

Although all of our boats can catch sharks we recommend our Bay boats for groups of 4 persons or less. Our Center Consoles can carry up to 6 persons.

Note: We do not, will not ever kill a shark for any reason.

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Give us a call and book ahead. This is a very fun popular trip. Check out our booking policies.

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