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Permit caught on the flats of Key West fly fishing Take your fishing to the next level. Challenge yourself with the technical nature of salt water fly fishing in Key West. No scent, no live bait, the art of casting is as important as the catching. Welcome to fly fishing in here in Key West.

As a veteran Key West fly fishing guide I have been looking for ways to bring more people to the sport. I think we have figured it out. Now the most novice fly fisherman can have fun.

Our Fly Fishing

There are a dozen ways you can fish our salt waters with a fly rod but most fly fishing anglers that come to Key West focus on the shallows or the flats for the big three; Tarpon permit and bonefish. We offer those opportunities as well but to be successful Fly fishing on the flats requires an advanced casting ability and lightning reflexes. As fishing guides, looking to put more seats in our boats we found this is a limited field of clientele.

So I came up with a way to Change It So more folks can enjoy the sport.

We Love Beginners

Many beginner fly fishermen avoid the Keys because they think the fly fishing here is Hard. It can be, but doesn't have to be. We have simplified how we promote fly fishing here in Key West. When its all boiled down, why make something that can be so much fun so hard to do. I often tell people that its not how well you fly fish that is important - but how well you enjoy fly fishing.

Chasten Whitfield with Grouper caught on fly fishingWhat I have done is taken it to another level. By lightening up not only our tackle, but our attitudes we have discovered a huge resource of opportunities that are well within the first timers reach to catch fish using a fly rod, feel the reward and learn about fly fishing on their first trip out, almost making them feel at home. We are not talking small fish either. Snappers, Trout, barracudas, sharks, jacks, grouper (as you see here) blue runners are all within the reach of entry level enthusiasts.

I personally took a lot of time to understand fresh water fly fishing to figure out how to bring people to the salt water fly fishing without the huge jump in technique and challenge to their skills and Its working.

Give us a shot at showing you how to fly fish in salt water the easier way. The way you learn how to cast, set the hook and fight the fish all while getting an education on fly fishing and photos for the memories.

About Our Fly Fishing Adventures

Generally reserved for 1 or 2 anglers our fly fishing charters we offer 4, 6 and 8 hour trips on board our flats fishing skiffs or our technical bay boats. Neither of which have bathrooms or shade. If balance is an issue for you we suggest our technical bay boats for fishing the Flats. If you are a single angler there is nothing more incredible than a traditional flats fishing skiff to take you to the shallows to target fish on fly.

For our novice anglers we start you off with a little casting to see where you will fit in to our fishing. We carry the rods, flies and pre tied leaders you will need to make it all happen. Our guides will work to show you the best way possible to make the hook up and get you the reward. All the while throughout the day increasing the challenge to get you better at casting, understanding the fish and presentations.

No one else in Key West has taken this pioneering approach to such a technical sport. We want more people to enjoy fly fishing so, its a win win.

Lets go have some fun and catch some fish.

Capt. Steven Lamp.

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