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Kids reeling in fun haveing fun fishing in Key West

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Family Fun Fishing

Young boy reeling in a big fish in Key West on a charter. Take the pressure off and just HAVE FUN fishing. Geared toward the least experienced angler on the boat our family fun fishing charters are a hoot here in Key West. First fish or 51st its no matter. This trip is all about High fives, big smiles and accomplishment. Without a doubt the best trip to get the whole family out and experience fishing without all the pain of waiting for a bite or any of the hard stuff.

About This Charter

Geared toward the kids we don't leave super early or stay out super late. Customizable departures are easy. Getting the whole family involved is the priority from the safety brief when we leave to the moment we say our goodbyes. We are not looking to scare but excite everyone about fishing. Everyone on this charter can enjoy whatever aspect they like about fishing at whatever level of participation without being pushed or forced.

Parents love this trip because they can sit back and let our captains do their job of entertaining the ones who want to fish. Lessons and assistance is always given in a positive friendly way to encourage everyone to enjoy the day.

What We Can Catch

Kids with thier fish. Two young men with a grouper they caught here in Key West on a Family Fun Fishing CharterHow cool would it be to go out and catch your dinner for that night? Piece a cake. Calm waters and easy fishing all aid to the ability for everyone to add to the harvest and feel like they contributed. Edible fish we catch are Snappers and sometimes grouper. The same stuff they serve in the restaurants. Or we don't have to kill anything and every fish gets released, its your call. Sport fish that are caught on this fishing charter are Sharks, barracudas, pompano, trout, ladyfish, jacks and more.

Sound like fun? It is! This is probably the most popular fishing charter in Key West.

Family Fun Fishing Charter

These charters are 4, 6 and 8 hours in length. We can take up to 6 persons. Departure times vary depending on schedule. Some of our boats have bathrooms and shade, some don't.

We recommend that you bring your hat, sunscreen (lotion - not spray) and good polarized sunglasses. Don't forget your camera to capture the moments.

The Boat We Use

We use different boats in our fleet to make this trip a success and to fit our clients needs. From 24ft to 32ft our boats are all top of the line, super safe and capable of anything.

Book Ahead

Give us a call and book ahead. the Family fun trips sell out pretty fast and we don't want you to miss out on this really cool experience here in Key West. Check out our booking policies.

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