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Dolphin Encounters Key West

Experience one of the most popular private excursions in Key West.

Have you ever seen a wild dolphin up close in its own habitat? Let us take you on a private charter to the dolphin playground where you can watch our bottle nose dolphins frolic in the calm backcountry waters of Key West. Follow that up with some snorkeling in the crystalline waters where you will see other sea life such as turtles, rays, tropical fish, corals, and many other sea creatures.

Dolphin Watching Charters

Our experienced and personable guides love taking visitors out to enjoy the amazing sea life that we can enjoy year round here in Key West. Learning about the pristine waters and history of Key West is a major part of this tour in addition to snorkeling and looking for dolphins. The chance of actually seeing dolphins is great, but it is not guaranteed. When we do find the dolphins, we do not harass or abuse them in any way. It is entirely up to them if these wild and free creatures want to interact with us.

Private charters are available for 4, 6, and 8 hours. This trip will offer many outstanding opportunities for some awesome pictures, so bring a camera! In addition, it would be a good idea to bring towels, sunscreen, a hat, and polarized sunglasses on the trip too.

Our comfortable boats have shade and a marine head on board as well as satellite radio so that you can enjoy some tunes on the cruise out. We provide you with snorkel gear, ice, and bottled waters.

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Give us a call and book ahead. This is a very fun popular trip. Check out our booking policies.

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