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Bonefish releaseA fish or type of fishing? That is the question. Many anglers who call us have heard about "bonefishing". This often means one of two things. It either the fish or performing the act of bonefishing which is fishing the shallows for the many sport fish that live there. We have to decide whether you are looking to catch a bonefish or would like to go "Bonefishing".

If there was a fish that made the Florida Keys and Key West backcountry and flats fishing famous it would arguably be the bonefish. Sought after by some of the most hardened sport fishing enthusiasts, this catch and release sport fish has earned the reputation of The "ghost" of the flats. With mirror sides, a weary eye and senses that rival any predator the bonefish has long been part of the Key West Grand Slam trilogy of fish.

Seasonally Speaking

Bonefish are here year round in the Key West area. Due to our massive flow provided from the Atlantic ocean to the south and the Gulf of Mexico to our north we have temperate waters for the bonefish to thrive and exist right here in our backyard.

The spring months as the waters become consistently warm around April May the bonefish come up on the flats to forage for shrimp and any other species of bait. The peak season for bonefishing is in the fall all the way till the first cold front in November.

Check out our Key West Fishing Seasons for more information.

Flats Fishing for bonefish

Bonefish and fishing reel. Sight fishing for bonefish is a sport fishing thrill not to be forgotten. Have one of our professional flats fishing guides navigate their boat along in the shallows in search for these elusive fish.

For tackle Use fly fishing or spin fishing gear with ultra light line. Live baiting we use shrimp, and small crabs. On fly we use small fly patterns that imitate shrimp and other tasty crustaceans.

Presentation is everything, your professional flats fishing guide will point out the fish, where to cast and present the bait or fly. Be quick, bonefish are extremely fast and wary of any movement on the flats.

Once you have hooked one you will then see what all the fuss is about. Hang on tight and let the drag burn as your fishing guide poles you into position for the fight.

Fly fishing

Fly Fishing the for bonefish is done up on the flats and by sight fishing for them. Accuracy is necessary with a pretty good double haul casting technique. Our professional fly fishing guides are happy to help you learn the cast needed to punch the fly through the wind and have you come out a winner. Only one angler can fish at a time when fly fishing.

Bonefishing Charter Details

Departing daily we have 4, 6, and 8 hour trips. Early morning, mid day, and evening trips are available. We can accommodate up to 3 persons for bonefishing in the backcountry and but we like to keep it to 2 persons for folks wanting to fish the flats for bonefish.

Your captain is your fishing guide. There is no mate on this trip. Tipping is appreciated and customary 15 - 20% to the guide.

For the same price you can chose either a traditional poling flats fishing skiff or our technical bay boats. Either will get you to the fish. Bay boats are a little more stable and easier ride. Flats skiffs float super shallow and excellent for one angler.

Pricing For This Charter

Please check out our Bonefishing Rates Page for pricing Information.