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Booking A Charter

Its Easy

Call our office, email us or text us. We are always happy to help if we are not helping someone else.

When you contact us - Tell Us

- The dates you plan on visiting Key West.

- The number of persons you are trying to get on the charter

- The duration of the charter 4, 6, or 8 hours.

- Alternate dates. In case we have no availability.

- A little bit about your group

- Any special requests- Species of fish, what you would like to see, snorkeling.. See Our Key West Fishing Seasons Calendar

- Any special needs of your group such as handicap or small kids.

- Budget Constraints.

We will then be able to share with you all the options that we see might suit your needs based on the time of the year, conditions and whats available.

To Make a Booking

We Will Need From You

- Information about you. Address, phones, email, where you will be staying.

- The credit card you would like to use for your 20% deposit over the phone.

Then We Will

- Send you a confirmation via email that you will need to sign.

This will have all your Key West charter details. Location, directions, dates, light trip description. Also our cancellation policies, after hours contact phone numbers and any special instructions you will need.

Please read this over before you sign it. Make sure the dates are what you asked for and that you can live with the cancellation policies..

Please see our F.A.Q. section for many questions that we get about bookings.

- We will put your date or dates in the schedule.

NOTE: - If we do not see the signed confirmation back within 5 days of booking or prior to the trip, we will try and contact you. If we cannot reach you or hear from you. We will be forced to put the dates back in our inventory.

Then On The Day Before

Call US! As it will be spelled out in your confirmation we require that you call the number listed on your confirmation the day before your Key West charter to check in.

NOTE: If we don't hear from you we will try and call, text and email you, then if we don't hear from you, your trip will be canceled and considered a no show.

Cancellation Policies


- Outside 7 days - 5.00 admin fee.

- Inside 7 days - Loss of deposit

- 24 Hours Within Trip Time - Charged In Full.


- A trip can only be canceled for weather by our Key West Charter captains. They will determine if the weather is too bad to conduct your charter. Communication here is key.

Unforeseen Circumstances

- Flight Cancellations, Hurricane warnings, hospitalization and death are what we consider unforeseen circumstances and will be dealt with on an individual basis.

NOTE: Duval Flu AKA Hangover, under the weather, food poisoning or whatever you want to call your carelessness the night before, does not constitute an Unforeseen Circumstance.